824 Hollywood Way, Burbank 91505                   business:  (626) 863-0008
scheduling:  (818) 939-1188


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Find CrossFit Burbank

itWorks is located in Burbank, Ca, at 824 Hollywood Way, between Magnolia and Verdugo.  

From the 134 Fwy: 
westbound, west (L) at the Hollywood Way exit, north (R) at Hollywood Way;
eastbound, south (R) at the Pass exit, east (L) at Alameda, north (L) at Hollywood Way.  

From the 5 Fwy: 
southbound, south (R) at the Hollywood Way exit;
northbound, west on the Olive exit, west (R) at Verdugo,  north (R) at Hollywood Way. 

From the 170 Fwy:
east at the Magnolia exit, south (R) at Hollywood Way.


Click on the RED STAR for directions. 


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