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What a term, “personal trainer.” Calls to mind some oily guy in spandex. Spends way too much time on his hair. Let’s call it private fitness coaching. Yes, FitWorks slash CrossFitBurbank Ca offers private fitness coaching. Not everyone prefers a group setting, and some are willing to accommodate the extra cost. 

We’ll avoid the usual hype, “best of the best” … “elite.” It gets so tiresome. Senior FitWorks staff have earned graduate degrees ranging from the M.Sc. to the doctorate. We have a nationally-ranked strength champion, and a world-class fitness athlete. No hype. Excellence is a self-selecting group, but there are objective standards. So, yes, for those who chose it, private coaching has its advantages. 

For private coaching we work in blocks of sessions -- six, twelve and twenty -- with a price break accordingly. Call or email for rates.

FitWorks is not a gym or an association of “personal trainers”. Our CrossFit Burbank facility is equipped with the essentials for training optimal fitness, but the CrossFitBurbank benefits come from the supervised daily workouts we prescribe.  

We integrate effective, efficient techniques into a broad-spectrum program designed to promote the kind of fitness excellence that has application to an exuberance of life in general, and to such demanding specific applications as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

That's kind of fancy sounding. It just means you can get into really, really great shape. By "shape" we mean strong, fast and tough. Fitness.  The word "elite" gets thrown around a lot. CrossFit Burbank is where and how you earn it.

When we say "earn it", that's sort of harsh. But you deserve what you earn -- it's about reasonable. Elite, for you. Because intelligence is important too, and reality is more important than theory. 

The load and rigor of the CrossFit Burbank workouts are adjusted to the individual, so that everyone, regardless of fitness, age, weight or condition, can work at his or her optimal effort level. Stay-at-home moms, MMA fighters, desk workers and police officers all do the same workout, with the same relative intensity, scaled to the individual. 

Fitness is the ability to move heavy things long distances quickly. Strength, endurance and speed -- all necessary. Experience proves that real fitness is achieved by doing constantly varied function movements at high intensity, consistently

That's the CrossFit Burbank model.  For everyone looking for superb fitness in, near or around Burbank, well CrossFit Burbank provides the instruction, supervision and feedback to ensure these results. Do the work and the body has no choice but to improve. That is after all what the word "training" means

We do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as Crossfit, because BJJ is the most effective pure martial art. The early MMA fights proved it. FitWorks BJJ uses an integrated approach that honors tradition while applying principles of Black Belt instruction and practice that streamline the learning process. 

It’s not enough to be fit. You have to be fit for something. BJJ is a superb application of superb fitness. Be dangerous, and look good doing it.  Black Belt instruction, gi and no gi.

It’s about performance. It’s about results. Appearance matters. Health matters more. Fortunately they go hand in hand.  Fitness would be the fist -- hard, and surprisingly useful.  Just as wishing is not a plan, we get to goals by working effectively to reach them.  The results of competence are highly measurable.

Take a look at the CrossFit Burbank workouts, here.  Or the FitWorks blog, here.

Well.  That’s what FitWorks is.  CrossFit in Burbank California.  Where else.
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What FitWorks - CrossFit Burbank Is

Physical excellence isn't only about performance. A major factor in fitness is health - they are not however the same thing. You can be healthy and soft. You can be fit, yet ill. For this reason FitWorks offers nutrition counseling as part of our standard service. 

Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Exercise is only part of the solution. You'd have to run for a half hour to burn off the calories from two cookies. But semi-starvation diets - otherwise known as diets - almost always fail. The problem has as much to do with hormones as with calories.

Information you act on is power. You are made out of what you eat. That's why FitWorks does nutrition.

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