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Getting Started

It's simple.   Come by for a FREE Intro session.  First one is FREE, generally one-on-one.  If you've never done CrossFit, an Intro session is the way to go -- just dropping in wanting to jump into the deep end ... not such a good idea.

But for the Intro, there's no obligation, no pressure.  A few minutes for waivers and so on, and we're ready to start.  Dress in cool comfortable clothes, and be ready to sweat.  Bring water.  Call or email first to arrange a time -- it's BY APPOINTMENT.

The Intro, FREE, is not going to last more than 10 or so minutes.  But it is likely to absolutely open your eyes.  If you've never done CF, you will come to understand that everything else was ... well, it may not have been a waste of time, but it was nothing like this.  

The on-ramp workouts are conducted during non-class time, and are in effect private sessions. They use a few basic movements, timed, circuit.

No reason for it to be complicated.  Simple is good.  And you will feel the effect.  The effectiveness. 

Of course, first, it's about getting started.  No charge to try it.  Plenty to lose, though, starting with illusions, then going down a checklist of bad things you'd want to lose.   

Plenty to gain, too.  Good things.  Let's make a list.  Of goals -- sensible but ambitious fitness goals.  Then let's make it real.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  

*CrossFit is a separate program*

Black Belt instruction.
Best deal in the world! 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Mon - Thurs



11:30 am - 12:30


Thurs only


11 - 12 :30

6 pm - 7

open mat


Private and semi-private Black Belt instruction available by arrangement.
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  • unlimited classes
  • no joining fee
  • nutritional counseling
  • long-term or month to month plans
  • family and public safety discounts

CrossFit and BJJ are separate memberships --
  For both XF and BJJ, add 60% to XF plan.

During CrossFitBurbank non-class time, contact FW first.

CrossFit Burbank Training

    strength training
   strength training
   6:30 AM 

 10:00 AM

 12:30 PM


Adult class time
approx.  50 minutes
Intro & Youth
approx. 30 min

IntroSessions  (By Appointment)

Mon - Thurs
7:30, 9, 10:30, Noon, 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, 8:30
Fri & Sat
class times

Group CrossFit sessions start promptly,

      and last approximately 50 minutes. 

Private and small group CrossFit training available.  

What CrossFit Is


What is CrossFit?  The short answer is that CrossFit is what FitWorks does -- in, near or around Burbank.  The formula is that CrossFit is "constantly varied functional movements at high intensity." But the process is what matters -- how to succeed.  So talking about energy pathways or movement modalities is about as useful as that almost most-annoying term ever, "muscle confusion."  What is it that we actually do, is the point.

At CrossFitBurbank, we run, and move weight, and move our body weight.  By "run" we mean row and jump rope and bike and swim, and so on -- repetitive endurance stuff.  By "move weight" we mean doing overhead presses and kettlebell swings and deadlifts and wallball, etc -- being strong with things.  By moving "body weight" we mean chinups and handstands and ring rows and dips and squats and L-sits, and the like -- being coordinated and competent with your own body.  

Strength, speed, endurance.  They all can be improved.  A list of improvable physical attributes: flexibility, endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, balance, accuracy, coordination, agility.  

But that's just more phrases and lists.  What do we actually do?  It's not random, but it's constantly varied.  One day the focus might be on strength, on adding contractile protein to cells.  Strength training.  Get the job done, of the movement and weight and sets and reps, with monitored rests. Example: 3 sets of 3 reps of your heavy back squat weight with say 2 minute rests between sets; then move on to overhead press, same protocol. Then high pulls.  Etc.  It's meaningful weight training.  

Another day the focus may be on increasing your capacity to use energy. The 10 second kind of energy, demonstrated by holding out a heavy weight until you just gas-out; the 2 minute kind, of hard running; the forever kind, of jogging along at an okay clip.  Phosphagenic, glycolytic and oxidative.  ATP, glycogen and fat.  Interval training optimizes energy systems.  Work briefly with intensity, have a limited rest, repeat.  

And so on.  The combinations are infinite.  Theory and schemes are fine, but it's results that matter.  And that's what CrossFit is.  A way of mixing up a lot of different effective efforts, so that the sum is greater than the parts.  

Results matter more than theory.  Living in your body, optimally.  Being in the best shape of your life, for sure, if not by orders of magnitude then certainly by leaps and bounds.

It's easy to be arrogant, when in any given room you're likely to be the strongest / fastest / toughest in your age / weight / gender group.  But, no. The thing to be most proud of is that, the first time you did CF, whatever the workout, you decided, as a function of your excellent character, that this very tough thing is for you.  

Because for a lot of folks, it's just too tough.  It's too too hard.  So sad. They go do Pilates, or Curves, or P90X slash Insanity!, or any of the gym things with the scientifical insectoid exoskeleton machines and all that Muzak and chrome and teak and crystals and incense.  Well, it's better than eating corn puffs in front of the TV.  Probably.  

That's why FitWorks does CrossFit.  Theories are what Marxists believe in. Believe in reality.  Learn by doing.  Come by and try it, no charge.  No pressure.  If it's for you, well, we can do business.  If not, go in peace.  And live long and prosper.  Probably.

Take a look at our CrossFit Burbank workouts, and our blog.

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